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All New Members Welcome!!! Please tell about yourself and what you love about cosmo! Have fun with it! I'll be putting up Banners and icons I make this week. :)

About Me
Name: Ashley
Age: 18
What I love about Cosmo: Everyhing! It gives great tips on how to handle life, guys, and anything you could possibly think of! :)
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Im a cosmos girl at heart, and always will be! Blushs*
:) welcome :) Yeah once a cosmo girl, always a cosmo girl <3
Well what first drew me to Cosmo Girl/Cosmopolitan was that I used to like girl magazines like Seventeen for example until they started sucking they used to show drawings that girls made which was my favorite. They need to go back to the way they used to do some of the things that made them interesting (and that is just my opinion). But when I ran across Cosmo Girl it was one of the first issues and I thought that this was the best girl mag. ever and my favorite thing about them is their yearly horoscope cast and the horoscope for my birth month of course. Anyways you did a great job with your livejournal just starting out. I am 20 and I can barely do anything on my journal on my own to make it look good until my friend shows me how to customize it next week because I am a visual learner. My lj name is Cpinkscorpion so feel free to visit me anytime to see what I have new and if anyone else wants to be added as a friend just add me and I will see you and add you I try to check my lj at least once a day. Keep doing what your doing Ashley things will work out.